Correlating data in cookies (XSRF Token,JsessionID and rm-sso-uid)

Hi ,

I am trying to script for a web application using LR.  I need a help for coorelating the data mentioned in the header. 

 Cookie: XSRF-TOKEN=W5BcEsw3JEYR1jUcqsp520GvyIRcGh82tg2JL-6BB7h9TQoRJuuu!1269021223!1504783289399; JSESSIONIDRES=6NdcEin6DOZkiNTumUK3yvFexrb9EB3hogQluSKkt7PtAZOsr21Z!-1056078338; JSESSIONIDBLS=0wRcEt6ziV-BkOjGDlotsh_AO29Qt-AcF8DfvDJTYWsPuf44LKUN!1269021223; rm-sso-uid=bYfzpVpkg8oszZESlqUrmQ==

I have created a manual coorelation with the definition.


but still doesnt helps. On replaying, getting the error.

it would be great if someone can help me out on this,

Thanks for your help


Saranya K