Citrix Protocol With Azure Cloud


I got to work on Ctrix protocol for a Desktop application. I asked the client to host it on Citrix XenApp to do performance test. So, the client hosted it on Azure. Here the application lauching steps

1. open the URL :

2. Login  with credetials

3. Then, lauch the client app with citrix receiver.

What I tried?

 - I tried with multi protocol. The problem i am getting, when I record in multiprotocol (web citrix), Web events are recorded, but the not the citrix events.

- I used the server address to ping to record using Standalone Citrix protocol, but unfortunately ping is getting failed with Request Timed Out.

- I am unable to use existing .ica file because doman is very dynamic in .ica file.


Solution Iam looking at is,

- Is there any way to directly generate ICA file for opening the application using Citrix Login directly?

- Any help with multi protocol?


I sincerely appreciate yor help