LoadRunner Proxy Recording for iOS

Hi Folks,

I am seeking for help to record iPad Native Application. Below are the steps that I followed. Even though Proxy recording is enabled I am not able to get past the error pasted below. 

  1. Installed LoadRunner 12.53 Community Edition
  2. Connected Laptop and iPad under the same Wifi Network
  3. Start Recording in Vugen with "Remote Application via LoadRunner Proxy" with LoadRunner Proxy Listening on Port "8888" (port 8888 is the default port which was already there)
  4. Configure iPad wifi network to use manual proxy(Vugen machine ip Address, Port= 8888)
  5. I have also installed required Certificates to Vugen machine ( and iPad device ( http://<vugen_ip>:8080/proxyroot.cer)
Errors Display on iPad
  • Device not connected to network 
Error Display on Vugen 
[Proxy Recording.Error ( d08:1ab8)] Exception is caught while trying to connect to https://init.itunes.apple.com:443, message=Authentication failed because the remote party has closed the transport stream.
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