Getting snapshot exception in log file

When I run a test with1 Vuser, test runs fine, with concurrency test fails with snapshot error.

In concurrency test first user have e1s1, second user will have e2s1 snapshot IDs. Parameterization wont work because it depends on server response. Correlation also difficult because so many snap shot IDs (e1s1 to e1s13) in Script.





  • Hello, 

    If the "snapshot ID" is depend on server response, and will be used in following requests,  it's very common that correlation is needed for the value.  Why do you say "Correlation also difficult"? 

    Note that you can use LR parameter APIs and C string APIs to do any manipulation on the strings.  I'm not quite understand what are the difficulty here

    If the issue still could not be solved, a script with full recording and replay log will be preferred for us to understand the issue. 


    Bingle LoadRunner(R&D)


  • Verified Answer

    Issue got resolved using multiple protocol.