Need Help: Load Test Approach



As a part of our project requirement: We need to do performance testing of cloud based citrix application. We need to do a Load Test with 50 concurrent users. 

The problem here is  that client is not providing those many virtual users for Load Test. We have only one user with us to execute the load test. But we have 50 actual users with us. So we are using below approach for Load Test. Please suggest if this make any sense.


Approach: 50 actual users will use the application for a period for particular business scenarios and at the same time we will run a unit test in load runner with one user, Also some one from database will start the monitoring the servers using Perfmon. 

Conclusion: Instead of generating load from Load Generator Machine, we are generating it through the actual users and testing the performance (responsiveness of the application) of the application under load condition buy running one or two user test in loadrunner at the same time.


Note: We dont have virtual users and we can not use the actual user's credentials in LoadRunner to generate the load due to security issue.


Please provide your suggestion .


Thank You


  • Hi,


    Under the circumstances it seems like you are doing the best you can. I am not sure if the fact you can't use actual user credentials is an issue. If the goal is to test the Citrix server performance then it is actually better if more unique users will login and each perform his real day to day workflow rather than all doing the same flow.


    Regarding monitoring, I suggest also looking at transaction response time, application log files and key performance metrics of the application/OS.


    Needless to say that by doing the same test with Vusers the test will be more systematic and allow you to run several cycles until you are satisfied with the results.


    Good luck.