No Script is being generated while the recording a native mobile application using android emulator

Hello experts,

I am going to record native mobile application (bank mobile app) and I am using the SDK adnorid emulator and HP Vugen 12.5. I have used the recording Mobile application HTTP/HTML -> Record emulator

During the recording I have just seen the Traffic analysis and I haven’t seen any code are being generated!


The output after the recoding has been stopped:




    lr_start_transaction("Request Satement");

    lr_end_transaction("Request Satement",LR_AUTO);


    return 0;




****** Start Log Message ******

Web Recorder version : 12.50.1096.0

Recording Mode: HTML-based script

Not recording headers

Not excluding content types

Reset context between actions

Record non-HTML elements in current HTML function

Protocol Type: Multi-Mobile


$$$$$$ End Log Message $$$$$$


Code generation version: 12.50.1096.0


****** Analyze segments filter initialization ******



So do you have any idea or help on that?


Best Regards,



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  • Hello Galshadeck,

    thanks for your reply!
    No, I haven't tried to use proxy recording, because the customer doesn't have a proxy on thier application and now I am trying to create the script by using the captured traffic file but Actually I can't see the actual trafic between the Client and the Application servers, the customer using Load Balancer on their environment!
    so, now I am trying to have the pem certificates to complete the generating script!



    Best Regrads,