Tips on how to get best help in the LoadRunner forums

Here are some useful tips for getting answers/help in the forum.
All are relevant, but maybe not all in your perticular case.

1. Describe your problem/error as good as possible. Too much information is better than too little!

2. What type of problem do you have. Scripting, Analysis, updates, parametrization, rules, Execution ...

3. Specify the LoadRunner/Performance Center version used, even better if including patch level. Many issues are specific to a version or fixed in newer versions.

4. Tell us when/were you encounter the error. Is it in VuGen, in the Controller, LoadGenerator or in Performance Center.

5. Which operating system is being used, linux or Windows? Windows 7, 10 or 2012 R2 server?

6. Mention the protocol used and the type of application to test, HTTP/HTML and TruClient have very different problems.

7. Attach a screenshot of the error, this often gives the best understanding.

8. Include a snippet of the code that causes the trouble.

9. Mark the thread as solved when a done. This helps others with the same trouble when searching. Also helps the ones answering questions to skip questions. So do this even if you find out the solution by ourself.

10. Try searching first! LoadRunner help, this forum, HPE support site and google contains loads of information.

11. Include log-files or snippets of it. The exact error gives better understanding, than saying "It fails"

12. Do not "bump" old threads asking new questions not discussed there before, then it is much better starting a new thread.

13. If someone helps you or shares someting new and interresting, show appreciation by giving them kudos. It will not cost you anything but a click.

14. If you are using Performance Center and it is about sctipting, check out the LoadRunner section. If it is about the ALM, OTA, REST or the database, ALM/QC they have own section where you can serch for help.

15. Unfortunately it is only possible to attach images. If you need to share a logfile, like the recording log or a longer code section, then the it can be attached be renaminig it to ".jpg". But be clear to state it in the post.

16. For customers with a valid support agreement with HPE, there is a a special "Support customer forum" for both LoadRunner, Performace Center and ALM. Here are often even more technical things discussed. To get access, just add your SAID to your profile.

/br ola

Feel free to add relevant points or links. Either as a replay or send me a PM and I will add it to this post.

LoadRunner help - web (latest)

QC/ALM Community forum

VuGen function reference


  • It would great if you guys add the following questions (must be filled by members) while raising a new question. This will save time both members and contributors.

    1. LoadRunner Version
    2. Operating System
    3. Where the issue is? VuGen/Controller/LG/Protocol
    4. Problem Category: Scripting/Analysis/Updates/Data Parameterization/Rules etc.,
  • Awesome post Ola. Thanks a ton for taking the time to write it.

    HPE staff and some good and loyal partners like Ola are doing their best to address any question that rises for the benefit of our customers. Following after Ola's points will help us in providing more accurate answers and faster ones as well.

    Keep up asking questions. We are here for you


  • Hi

    Thanks for the addition!

    I have now updated the post with your suggestions.

    br /ola

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