.lrr vs .lra


I just wanted to know if there are ANY advantages to keep the results (.lrr and folder) after the analysis is preformed and complete data is generated?

Is there any information lost in the Analysis process or is the information just stored in another way?

br /ola

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    Actually it is not 100% the same data. 

    LoadRunner Results (lrr) is the raw data of the load test run

    LoadRunner Analysis Session (lra) is the data that was read from the lrr and inserted into a database. Depending on the aggregation settings in Analysis application and the size of the results some of the raw data might be aggregated. If you keep the raw results you ensure you can always recreate the Analysis Session, possibly with different settings. 

    From my personal experience, in 95% of the runs keeping the Analysis Session is sufficient. I do recocmmend keeping also the lrr folder as well when it comes to important benchmark runs, such that you'd like to reference or cross result in the future.




  • Hi Shlomi

    This was the same assumptions I have made, just wanted to have them confirmed.

     I have also found it nececarry to keep the .lrr on very seldom occations, but you pointed out when it was needed, when wanting to cross the results with other runs.