Load Runner 12.55 - Unable to download WebTours Sample Application

Hi Team,

We have downloaded Load runner trial version 12.55. Web Tours Sample Application was not available along with the installable. We found the below URL to download the Web Tours Sample Application in the turorial. But when we try to open the URL, we get "This site cant be reached." Kinldy provide us valid URL from where we can download Web Tours Sample Application.

URL - https://marketplace.microfocus.com/appdelivery/content/web-tours-sample-application

Attached Screenshot of error we get while trying to download for reference.


  • Hi
    I just checked and the site is reachable and package can be downloaded. I suggest the following:
    This may be blocked by your company security policy, try to download from a computer not connected to your network. Or, clean your browser cache and try again. This could have also been a temporary downtime of the market place, so another attempt at a later time may work.
    Good luck