VuGen/LR 12.50: Issues With Citrix/HTTP Multi-Protocol Script

Greetings, experts!


I am attempting to record synthetic transaction use cases for Citrix 6.5.


I am using multi-protocol mode, using Citrix ICA and HTTP.


Only Chrome launches in 64-bit mode and I get a Diffie-Helmen error about the SSL certificate of the site.


I'm applying a fix for this, provided by support, but do not know the result yet.


UPDATE: The result is that I get the same "SSL Certificate Revoked" error in Chrome.


The issue is that the Citrix customer wants IE 11 to be used, and VuGen launches Firefox and Internet Explorer in 32 bit mode, so the browers never launch.


FYI, using just the Citrix ICA protocol alone, using login and the ICA file gives me these errors:


1. The Citrix XenServer is not accepting connections at this time.


2. I receive Citrix XenServer Error 1110, using just the ICA file.


Now, if I launch all of these browsers outside of VuGen, I don't get any certificate errors, and all 3 log in no problem, download the ICA file and launch the Citrix application.


Any ideas as to how to fix or work around this?




~ Mike