How to install plugin for TruClient-IE protocol in Vugen 12.02 (Application does not work while rcrd

I am unable to record an application using TruClient-IE protocol in Vugen 12.02

The application works fine in standalone IE browser only after installing additional plugins.

How can we install plugins for Truclient IE browser in 12.02.

  • Hi,

    TruClient IE does not provide an easy way to install plugins as most plugins are not pure web based and TruClient supports record/replay of web based content only.

    In order to configure a plugin in TruClient IE there is a need to manually configure TruClient IE registry branch, not something an end user is supposed to do.



  • Thanks Shlomi for the reply.

    I am trying to record "SAS Integrated Merchandize Planning" web application and protocol advisor shows Truclient.

    However, when I try to use TruClient-IE to record, the layout of some objects are missing on the browser and page is not getting rendered properly.

    But the aplication works fine in normal IE11 browser. I founf the reason to be that the application uses IE5 default (F12 Developer tools->Emulation Tab and Document Mode) but TruClient in LR12.02 supports applications compatible with IE9 and above.


    Is there anyway t resolve this?

  • Hi Danny,

    What happens if you change the standards to 9 or above in regular IE browser? Will the application render corectly? 

    If it does render correctly and there is no need in special plug-in it should be possible to support it also with TruClient IE - contact HPE support team.

    If it does not render correctly and\or there is a need in a special plug-in it will not be supported by TruClient IE. You can try TruClient Firefox or TruClient Chromium instead

    Good Luck,