Controller forgets there are more load generators

I have a TruClient testscipt.

For running that script i have made a scenario for a test with 20 vUsers.

There is a ramp-up for about 15 minutes.

I have 3 load generators, one of them (and local host) is disabled.

Theay are limite to 17 vUsers each.

When i start a test it happens ofte that after 17 users the test fails becaus the controller sees that the one loadgenerator is full.

But there is another one connected and available.

Sometimes i have to reslart the controllers and load generators to get it working again.

  • Hi Patrick, 

    I think the problem is in the number of Vusers: the TruClient protocol is very heavy in terms of system resources. I suggest you to modify the scenario, and distribute the load with a limit of 5/6 Vusers per generator. Try this way and tell us if this simple solution can be helpful to your problem. 


  • I have a scenario of 20 vUsers max.

    I have 2 loadgenerators that are limited to 17 vUsers.

    Sometimes (once every few times) when it reaches 17 vUsers on 1 loadgenerator it tries to send the 18th (and 19th/20th) to the loadgenerator that is already full.

    The other loadgenerator is at that moment still active but without any vUsers.

  • Hi Patrick, 

    try to distribute 4 Vusers in each load generators and tell us what's the response. As I said, I work a lot with this protocol and in my experience I don't put more then 4/5 Vusers per generator; TruClient is an heavy protocol under system resources point of view.