Server unreachable error on new tab using TruClient protocol

Hi Everyone,

I am working on TruClinet Web protocol and I am facing a issue, so looking for your suggestions and support.


Please find the details below.

1) First we will logging to F5 portal and there it will display the my organization applications.

2) Click on any application icon, it will open on a new tab. As soon as open new tab we are getting "server unreachable issue" for few LG machines and same scripts are working on other machines.

3) We are using TruClient IE browser to record and replay the scripts and in all machines Loadrunner and IE versions are same.

4)  I have open IE browser those LG machines manually and all the use case working as expected.


Software version details as below

Loadrunner Version: 12.55 build 0911

IE versions : 11.0.9600.19780CO

Operating System: Windows 7 enterprise

Working alternatives:

1) I have tried with Firefox and it's working fine but we can't use Firefox

2) Click on replay in develop mode then deselect enforce standard mode when you get server unreachable popup only at that time it's working but always enforce standard mode selected by default.


Note: I have open the Vugen in "Run as administrator" mode as well but no luck.


Please provide if you have any thoughts or suggestions .