Question about license for HP Loadrunner

Hi all..

I am using community license for my HP Loadrunner which has 50 VUSERS. So my question is if I install its controller in many physical server machines and run my script on them, do my aplication hit by many VUSER(s) (eg: I use two controllers and run so my applicion will be hit by 100 VUSERs)

Thanks for your help

Tan Nguyen

  • Hi

    Please read the community edition end user licenser agreement that is presented to you at the begining of the installation

    The behaviour you are describing violates the principal of a community license - it is meant as a tool to conduct Proof of concepts and not to run actual load tests.

    I suggest you try the community edition, see if it fits your needs and than contact a sales rep to buy additional licenses per your needs.

    If you need the email for the sales department, we'd be happy to proivde it.

    Good Luck,


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply, I do understand that if we need more VUSER we should buy more in license, our company are doing that with our local vendor but in the time we wait for new license our application must be cheked and release.

    So if I do it (install two controller on two server machines and run one script, do my application be hit by 100 vsuers?) do you think it is ok for my sittuation?

  • Hi

    My previous answer still stands - to do so would violate the principal of a community license.

    I suggest to start with the 50 Vusers to understand your applicaiton's initial behaviour under load and wait for the additional license to run more extensieve tests.

    Good Luck,