vuGen script inserts additional URLs in script

Hi All

I am creating script using vuGen to monitor internal web application. However while replaying I am seeing errors like,

vuser_init.c(75): Error -27794: Could not resolve address of host       [MsgId: MERR-27794]
Vuser Terminated.

I know I can correct this problem in replay->run time settings->proxy

But my question is why vuGen is trying to connect to host, since this host is not been used by us.

Please clarify how to avoid this issue


  • Hi

    I don't think it's Vugen that is trying to access this URL, but rather your application under test.

    OCSP stands for online certification status protocols (more details here) and thawte are a ceritification provider.

    My guess is that your application is signed with their certificate and there's a call generated during your business process to that URL.

    if you can work around it with the proxy modificaiton you mentioned - use it.

    Good Luck,