TruClient - IE Failing due to "Network Timeout" error

Hi All,


I have recorded a TruClient - IE script in LR 12.02 to perform the below steps.


> Login

> Search for a matter (a unique number)

> View Matter Summary

> Generate PDF


Script is failing on the last step due to the network timeout error. I have changed the end event and step timeout to 500 but still no luck.


Any suggestions please?





  • What is the end event for the generate PDF step? What happens when you change it to Action Completed?


    How much time does it take to process this step in a regular browser outside TruClient?




  • Hi Shlomi,


    Thanks for the reply.


    The end event which clicks on the "Go" button to generate the pdf was set to "Step Network Completed". And there was no steps after that.


    I have now changed the "Click Go button" step's end event to "Action Completed" and added PDF verification to check pdf generation.


    Though im not getting the error anymore, the execution is still waiting even after the pdf is generated. Below are my arguments for the pdf verification.


    Path = URL (pointing to pdf)

    Value = Overall Summary

    Condition = Contain


    I'm not sure what im missing here.





  • Hi Prash,


    It is possible that the pdf file is not ready yet when PDF verification step start to execute, this will cause the step executed not correctly . Is it possible to use "Verify" step, instead of "PDF verifcation" step,  to veriy if the business is completed?