Truclient oracle hyperion scroll not working


We are using performance center /loadrunner 12.53

We are using truclient to load test Oracle Hyperion application. 

I am not able to scrolling the table/grid in oracle hyperion.

"Generic browser action" are not working.

I have tried "Generic object action" but i am not able to select only the scroll bar. When i try to select the scroll bar object, it highlights the other objects too at the same time. 

Kindly advise any solution or workaround for scrolling the table/grid in oracle hyperion.








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  • There is no error message. The scroll step does not fail but it does not scroll.

    I am not able to scroll the table grid (object) within the browser. Browser scroll does not help.

    I plan to click the cell or row in the grid/table and use mouse scroll.

    Is there a way to  do mouse scroll. is there a event or Javascript to use mouse scroll

    Any advise