Issue with polling request

Hi Team,

I'm currently working with LR 12.6 - web(http/html) protocol - URL mode. Application is sharepoint based with webservices calls to populate the form details.

I have recorded the script, correlated and done automatic ASYNC call scan and applied the same.

Problem: when the Async call is started only the primary request is getting 200 response. All other polling requests are getting failed  with response message : 400 Bad Request.

from my observation I noticed that polling requests are having ENCTYPE as "TEXT/HTML". However the initial primary request has ENCTYPE as "APPLICATION/JSON". Im not sure where to change this and make it reflect as "Application/json" in the polling request and How can I make this request PASS.

please let me know if you have came across this issue or am I missing anything?

Below the script snippets :










web_stop_async("ID=LongPoll_0",    LAST);


int LongPoll_0_RequestCB()
    //Enter your implementation for RequestCB() here.

    //Call web_util_set_request_url() here to modify request URL:
    //web_util_set_request_url("<request url>");

    //Call web_util_set_request_body() here to modify request body:
    //TODO - Use snapshot view to see examples of request bodies sent.
    //web_util_set_request_body("<request body>");    
    return WEB_ASYNC_CB_RC_OK;

int LongPoll_0_ResponseCB(
    const char *    aResponseHeadersStr,
    int                aResponseHeadersLen,
    const char *    aResponseBodyStr,
    int                aResponseBodyLen,
    int             counter,
    int                aHttpStatusCode)
    //Enter your implementation for ResponseCB() here.

    //TODO - To make the script wait for a specific response, use web_sync in the relevant Action file.
    //See the Modifying Callbacks section in the VuGen user guide for more details.
    //enter your implementation for ResponseCB() here
    //Increment long-polling response counter
    counter ;
    //Set parameter value to indicate that 10 long-polling responses were received.
    if (counter>2 || (strcmp(aHttpStatusCode,"200") == 0))

    return WEB_ASYNC_CB_RC_OK;




  • Recent I was fighting with async calls as well. I noticed that some not all headers are preserved, but when you setup an auto-header it is preserved with each async call. So you should try to add to your call web_custom_request() the argument


    or add it as an web_add_auto_header("Content-Type", "application/json") and stop it after your web_custom_request.

    Checkout also the help on web_custom_request's Attributes and look to EncType, RecContentType and Resource.