export analysis summary loadrunner 12.53 fails


a few weeks ago I installed LR 12.53 on top of LR12.50, as well as patch 1 for LR 12.53.  We ran some tests in the controller, and now we are analysing the results.  It is custom for us to export the analysis summary for further analysis using Excl (2010).  Now we are facing the following problem with this analysis summary: It shows no response time data at all!  What I'd like to know is: is this a bug in the Analysis Software, is this an issue with a setting in LR, is this a setting in Excel?  Attached you will find the EXCEL analysis summary with a print screen of the original Analysis.

Notice the   in the headers too!  Weird!!!!

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Roland Mees

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    this is Rodney from support team, this is a bug that was reported before for this version. 


    i can provide you a fix so you can work with it. in order to do it please create a service request and specify that this was discuss in a forum and the hotfix is requested. 


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  • Hello Rodney,

    thank you for your reply.  I had the gut feeling that it would turn out to be a bug, so I made a service request the minute after making this post, nr. 5310834422

    You told that it is a bug that is reported before this version.  I have to tell you in all honesty that we did not encounter this bug in LR 12.50, however: we see that the export function of analysis summary in LR12.50 exports numbers as text, and not as numbers, to an excel file, and that's a bit unhandy, to say it that way.

    Hope to get this hot fix soon...

    Thank you for your help,

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