How to Import data from external csv into Vugen Script

Hi All,

Could some one please guide me how to do this

I would like to import Test Data from the csv file into Vugen Scripts.

Lets say I have Payee.csv file which has 28 columns of Data and csv file located some shared location. In script I need to pass the values from the csv file by importing.How can I do that in Vugen script?

I know in QTP we have DataTable.Import.



  • Hi


    Parameters in LoadRunner can use csv files directly. By default they use comma as separator, but tab or space can also be used.

    Just copy the file to the script repository, create the wanted paramater and choose the type "File". Then browse to your csv file and choose it. Then just select the culumn to be used for the paramter.

  • Do you want the values to be updated dynamically, without changing the script, the use Virtual Table Store, VTS to store the values.

    VTS (at least later versions) is able to import values via a csv-file, and the values is shared among the vusers. VTS is distributed with LoadRunner and more inofrmation can be found in the helpfiles.