SSl Protocol Version not supported

M getting the Below Error while executing the Script, Please do let me know, what's the fix to be given.


Action.c(321): Continuing after Error -27776: [GENERAL_MSG_CAT_SSL_ERROR]read to host "" failed: [10054] Connection reset by peer
This is probably because the SSL protocol version is not supported. Try switching the TLS/SSL version using "web_set_sockets_option" API. [issued at Action.c(487)] [MsgId: MERR-27776]
End auto log messages stack.

  • Please consult your development team which SSL/TLS version is used, and explicitly set the SSL version as below.


    Find the step reporting this error and put following code before it:


    web_set_sockets_option("PRINT_SSL_INFO", "1"); web_set_sockets_option("SSL_VERSION", "AUTO");



    If it doesn't fix the connection problem, then pls provide the logs in output (open full log options in RTS before run) and LR version in use.

  • Not to distract from the excellent advice you've been receiving from other sources, I have also found that the error message you reported is a default message when it doesn't have any logic branch available to it. In other words, just because that's the message you receive, don't necessarily get hung up trying to see how that applies to your situation. This is especially true when it suggests you change to SSL 2/3. No one should be using SSL anything. That was so 1995. We're in the realm of TLS 1.3, my friend. TLS 1.2 is the absolute oldest version any viable entity should be using.
  • what version of LRP are you using ?