LR12.53.2 - TruClient Chrome addon crashed when develop script opened from Controller

Hi - During execution of a scenario in the Controller I want to open the script to debug/update. I have always built in functionality in the Controller software to click on the "View Script" button on the "Design" tab.

This is a 12.53 TruClient Chrome script. When I click on "Develop Script" in VuGen i get an error message "HPE TruClient for chromium has craskhed. Click this balloon to reload the extension." error message.
If I click reload I get the same thing.

(The "Aw, Snap!" error in the screenshot is always shown for a number of seconds then reloads with the TruClient sidebar. I assume this is normal as happens on all machines I have.)


A work around I use is to open VuGen seperately on the machine and load the script.

Is this a known issue or do I need to raise a ticket? (Should I raise a ticket anyway to get a hotfix if available)