pdf not open in truclient protocol


i want to capture pdf page open time in my application using truclient protocol. But I can't open a pdf in truclient.
can anybody please help on this?

I'm using 12.53 and chromiun browser fro recording. 

  • LR is a tool for load testing backend applications. The TruClient protocol simulates a headless browser and execute the java script and redering of the DOM etc. The purpose of this (according my understanding) is to make it easy to simulate complex browser based clients.

    Opening a PDF (inside the browser or as external application) does not have any impact on the backend application nor does it have impact on the DOM (I guess) so it is useless in respect to concurrent load testing. Next to this is will expose a serious extra load on the Load Generator, limiting the amount of users you can simulate per server.

    I would go for a fixed (random) time delay in you script flow to simulate the delay of opening the PDF.

    Opening the PDF is a test for a dedicated client.

    EDIT: see comment of Shlomi Nissim on my post below!

  • Hi,

    Did you try using "Verify PDF content" step?
    Can you describe the flow the leads to open the PDF in the application?


  • Hi ,

    There are a few inaccuracies in your reply. Please excuse me for correcting, I would like to make sure our users get accurate picture.

    1. TruClient runs a real browser instance for each Vuser. It is not headless, it is just invisible since the browser runs in a different desktop and not the interactive desktop.

    2. I agree LoadRunner was built to validate backend applications performance originally. In time, LoadRunner introduced also UI level protocols such as TruClient, Citrix, SAP GUI, which are used mainly for server side validation but TruClient specifically is aimed also for client side perfromance and measuring end to end response time.

    3. PDF generation mighttrigger server side logic to generate the file. It can also be pure client side logic without going to the server. Either way, it might be a heavy operation worth measuring. Sometimes, there are challenges measuring it.  Verify PDF step helps, but in some cases the PDF address is not known in advance and then it requires more tricky solution.


  • I want to measure the time taken for pdf openning ( client side rendering) and after open the pdf i have to nevigate to another page and save the the file into specific folder in the apllication. Without opening the pdf in truclient, I can't proceed ahead.
     That's why I need a solution for this.

    Thanks for your reply..

  • Hi Shlomi,


    "Verify PDF content" is used to validate the contant of a specific pdf. right?

    We need to give the 'pdf file path' and 'contain value' in there. So I didn't try for that, because it doesn't open the pdf file.


    Application which I'm doing performanc etesting is basically designed for searching documnets. It provides serveral search options and filtering criterias to do the search. 

    Following mention the user steps in the flow,

    1. load the application

    2. enter user name and password

    3. navigate to therelavant search portal

    4. enter a search keyword inside the search box and click on the searc button  ( system will displays relevant pdf files according to the search keyword)

    5. Double click on one of the pdf file in the screen         < in this step I'm getting this issue>

    6. After open the pdf file, nevigate on pagination

    7. zoom in the page

    8 save the pdf file into the specific folder in the same application (not download to local machine)

    Without opening the pdf, i can't go ahead in the path.

    Highly appreciate if you can provide a proper solution for this issue..

    Thanks and Regards,




  • Thanks for correcting and educating me. This is the added value of a community.

  • Hi ,

    I am not sure why the PDF file is not opened in the browser in your case. Can you check what happens when you record navigation to the following URL? Does it work also in replay? (create a new script for that) https://www.adobe.com/support/products/enterprise/knowledgecenter/media/c4611_sample_explain.pdf

    Even if the PDF file will be opened, non of the operations you will do on it will be recorded by TruClient. TruClient was built to automate DOM level operations and not automate operations on plugins that are running in the browser. As  said, actions on the PDF file after it was opened are pure client side operations and measuring them is like testing PDF viewer performance.


  • Hi ,

    Open PDF in browser is enabled by default in TruClient Chromium. Can you check if the built-in Chromium PDF viewer plugin is enabled in your environment? Open TruClient Chromium browser, navigate to chrome://plugins, check the Chromium PDF Viewer plugin. See below snapshot which shows it's enabled.