Loadrunner transaction time difference between VuGen and Controller

I was just wondering if there are any general reasons as to why transaction times may be a lot slower in VuGen as opposed to controller? 

For context the average response time for a transaction ran in Vugen was roughly 15 seconds, as opposed to 0.144 seconds in Controller. 


  • There might be a few reasons (non-TruClient scripts):

    - VuGen script is run via extra process (debugger process).

    - VuGen updates the UI to show the current source line.

    -VuGen might run from a different computer / location that the LoadGenerator.

    -VuGen might use other run time settings as defined in your Controller / Scenario (e.g. sometimes think time is part of a transaction), or Full logging is on etc.

    But your time difference is very huge. Is this difference consistent?