Correlation and Parameterization in Java Over Http Protocol



I have recorded a JNLP application using java over http protocol. All the Body Binary values are stored into xml in readable format inside the script.

Below are the challenges i'm currently facing while scripting:

1)13 digit timestamp in request.xml .How to save the 13 digit value and pass it in the request.

2)Need clear picture of the correlation and Parameterization in the request.xml


Please share your comment as soon as possible.


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  • Hi,

    In generated file you can manipulate your objects exactly like with any Java object.  Any call to JavaHTTP.SendSerialized accepts object and returns object. you can read data from one and put it to another

    You should have code like this and don't manipulate XML directly. 

    ExampleBusinessLogicClass0 = JavaHTTP.readObject(ExampleBusinessLogicClassBA0);
    ExampleBusinessLogicClass1 = JavaHTTP.sendSerialized(ExampleBusinessLogicClass0, 0.....