Truclient - Error -205177: IPC connection to browser process is lost [MsgId: MERR-205177]


I'm getting the error below when running script in TruClient (Chrome).

The error occurred after closing a popup screen and going back to the main screen.

' Error -205177:  IPC connection to browser process is lost    [MsgId: MERR-205177]'

Do you have any solution for this issue instead of using another tab for the popup screen?




  • Hi Shahar,

    1. I suggest you open a support ticket in parallel to this post

    2. Can you avoid closing that popup for now? Maybe just activate the main tab instead after saving data in the popup

    3. Chromium opens popups as tabs by default. TruClient does not allow changing this default behavior. At least not easily. I am not sure that changing the behavior will resolve this issue

    4. What happens when you preform this operation manually in interactive/development mode?



  • I got the same error but in different scenario, the users were trying to initialize and when moving to run status some of them will get stuck and never go to run, instead was getting the "Error -205177: IPC connection to browser process is lost [MsgId: MERR-205177]" error.

    After several days of troubleshooting we figure it out how to solve this issue.

    Solution - LoadRunner process in the LG and Controler must be configured to run as a Process instead of Service.

    Downside - The only problem with this is Windows cannot run Processes without login the user, so each time you restart the LG's you will have to manually login to each of them in order to allow the Process to kick out and then the controller will be able to reach the LG's, but it is worth it, now I can run 600 TruClient users in just 5 LG's while before it needed 30 LG's to run the same load as a Service and I was getting a lot of users dropped due the mentioned error.

    Steps to follow up - In order to change the Agent to run as Process, look for "Agent Runtime Setting Configuration"  and select "Manual Log in to this machine", after selecting this option you will get a pop up mentioning "LoadRunner Agent was successfully set as a process. Configuration window will close now. Click OK and verify in the Taskbar the LoadRunner dish icon is visible and shows running as a Process when hover the mouse over.

    Run your test and you should not see this error anymore of your number of errors will be considerable low.

    Sorry I cannot put images to show the process, my company policies block me to upload content to the Web.

    Hope this helps!