TruClient script working in "Develop Script" mode but not in "VuGen" mode



I'm using TruClient Firefox to develop some scripts.

They all works fine when recording, adding "Wait for Object", transactions and then replaying the script in Develop script mode.


I save the script in "Develop Script" mode and go back to VuGen and try to replay the script there. 

1. No replay window is visible. Can I activate that in any way?

2. No snapshots for the replay are saved. Can I activate that in any way?

3. Script times out waiting for a step in the middle of the script where it should click on a link on a page. (It's hard to know whether the link exist on the page or if the script finds it and nothing happens when beeing clicked. 

"Error -205177: ** 12: Click on Next link ** timed out Snapshot Info [MSH 1 0] [MsgId: MERR-205177]"

4. Is there a problem with my setup since VuGen 12.01 feels like a beta-version running slow as an old turtle?

Vuser Generator

VuGen protocol: TruClient Ajax - Firefox

Browser: Firefox v23.0

OS: Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit with Service Pack 1

PC: HP EliteBook, i5-4300@1.9GHz, 8GB RAM, Intel SSD harddrive





  • Verified Answer

    1. by default, browser window is hidden during VuGen load replay. You can enable it by setting PaintWindowsInLoad=1 in default.cfg under the script folder.

    2.In VuGen, go to Runtime settings->Load->Other, there is a configuration for it.

    3.Enable show window during load test, see what happens in the web page

    4. Are you talking about VuGen slow or TruClient slow?  If VuGen slow, please post a separate ticket.

  • Thanks Allen, That was what I needed to know.


    Regarding #4, it's both VuGen and TruClient that is slow. Starting "Develop script" takes more than 10s to start.

    I'll post a separate ticket if I get too frustrated with the "not-so-snappy" feeling of VuGen and TruClient :-)


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