Trueclient Single-Sign-On

Hello Guru's

I have a problem with scripting of a webapplication with the Truclient protocol.

The website is using single-sign-on. When running the application, I do not get any pop-up, where I can put the credentials. It uses the Active Directory user which is used to login to the machine itself.

This is also my issue. When I script the application and replay it, everything works, But when I upload it to the BPM and let it run through the scheduler, it fails. In a screenshot I see that it uses a different user, which has no access to the application.

On the BPM, there are multiple jobs/scrips running, therefore the solution should be in the job/script, itself and not affect any other jobs/scripts.  

Is there a way to run the job under different user?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Rode,

    See this blog-post about this subject:


    If you still have the issue, indicate which version of TruClient you are using and which browser is used in your script.