Citrix ICA/HDX multimedia performance testing

Hello all,

I have some questions regarding testing with the Citrix ICA (or HDX as it is called nowadays) protocol and especially in performance testing multimedia (video playing) capabilities of the Citrix environment.

As I understand the ICA/HDX protocol consists of so called virtual channels. Each channel with its specific purpose. Since our test will deal with multimedia we are especially interested in the channels enabling, multimedia Flash redirection, HTML5 redirection (RAVE), H.264 compression etc. HDX examines the capabilities of endpoint device and server to decide the optimal redirection. If capable HDX will for instance use client side rendering. Obviously the protocol being used will have an impact on server side performance as well as the network overhead.

Now for our load tests. It won’t be difficult to create an ICA script to open an HTML5 web page containing video. The question is how will this video be handled? Will it be redirected to the client side (in this case our load generator)? What ultimately determines the protocol (HDX channel) being used, the capabilities of the load generator (besides obviously Citrix receiver version)?  What will it mean for the load (number of virtual users) I can generate with a load generator? Can I somehow control the protocol redirection that is being used in my test?

Does anyone have an answers to such questions, has any experience with Citrix multimedia tests or has additional points worth considering.


Roy Veldhuizen