VuGen not invoking Chrome browser - Tried all options provided in older posts

Hello All,

VuGen Version: VuGEN v12.55 Build 0911

Chrome Version: v78 (Latest). 

Protocol: Single - Web HTTP/HTML

I am trying to record a script using Chrome browser. When I click Record button, I get the "Start Recording" options window where I select browser as "Google Chrome" and enter URL and Click Start Recording.

But my Chrome browser is not getting invoked.

I have tried the following options but none of the options work. The AUT is compatible only with Chrome, so I cannot use any other browser to record. Can someone please help in resolving this issue. I tried various search in Google but didn't find any solution to the issue.

1. Uninstalled and Reinstalled Chrome as Admin.

2. Close all chrome browsers/Remove Cache before recording

3. Uninstalled and Reinstalled VuGEN

4. Gave the full path of Chrome.exe and tried to invoke Chrome.


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