Unable to generate Graphs in Analysis



I ran a test in controller and after it is done, I Clicked on Analyze results, But I am ended up with below message in Analysis: Please let me know the solution for this. attached screenshot for reference



The following graph(s) were not created:

1. Hits per Second

2. Throughput

3. Transaction Summary

4. Average Transaction Response Time

Possible reason: > The graph, as defined, results in no data.

 Other details:

 HP controller Version: 12.53

Patch : 3 updated

Auto Collate results : Enabled

Load generator : Localhost



  • Hi,

    Can you share the results folder? I mean the results folder as defined in the Controller? I would like to review the data before Analysis data was created. You can send me a private message and we will exchange email details since you cannot upload this type of data here and it is not allowed sharing contact details in this forum

    Also, can you share some details about the scenario? Which protocol did you use? How many transactions passed? Does this issue reproduce if you run the same scenario again?



  • Where you able to fix this issue? I saw this issue with one of our controller and lgs long ago, it disappeared on its own. Now we see the same issue with one of our controllers for 2 tests back to back. Appreciate all your help.

  • Hi,

    Actually, if I recall correctly this matter turned out as a non issue. The test was running for too short time to actually collect data for mentioned graphs. Later on when they run the test for a it longer period everything was working fine.



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