[LR 12.55 TC Win7] Breaking API change in LR.setParam() / TC.setParam() with value of "" ?

After upgrading from LR 12.53 P4 some of our TC scripts are bailing out with the following error:

API_ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENTS_RUNTIME: LR.getParam("additionalTransactionName") APIError: The Parameter or Attribute is undefined.

The corresponding parameter is defined in a previous step via

LR.setParam("additionalTransactionName", value)

If "value" is an empty string ("") then the aforementioned error occurs. So it seems that setting a parameter with a value of "" undefines the corresponding parameter.

Is this behavior intended or a bug?



  • Verified Answer

    Hi Thomas,

    The bahavior is not intended.

    We investigated this and there is a real issue when calling the API with an empty string.

    A fix for this will be provided in a future release.

    As a workaround, I would suggest using another value to signify the same meaning intended by an empty string.


    Thank you for reporting this and helping make TruClient better :-)