LoarRunner activation code not working

Hi All,


I have installed LR community version and requested for trial activation.

after signup i have received a mail with the activation code. But when i use that i'm getting "Unknown error" in the License utility.

Could someone help me out with this issue...




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  • If this helps. I had the same issue, but here is the scenario.

    1. it was a new install on my laptop (win 10)

    2. After I signed up for new free license as it is mentioned in the guide and got them listed in the License utility as valid:


    I tried to launch LoadRunned controller and instead got the license utility poped up. First I tried to use the code provided me via the e-mail to activate the licenses again and got this error. Unknown Error.

    The thing that got it working was changing the time of VUDs will begin (in the License utility under the List with the Licenses). It was set to 2 am changed to the current hour and the contriller began to work.


    Hope this work for you.