Virtual Table Server (VTS) for Multiple Connections


I've been using VTS single connection,but i wanted to use Two Vts connections(Instances) in a single script.

Can anyone help me with an example please

  • Verified Answer

    There are several ways to handle multiple projects using VTS. The first is to use multiple instances of the VTS using different ports. If the machine that supports the VTS server is strong enough, this should work fine.

    A second solution is to assign column names to different projects and use composite records within those columns. For example, if you need Name, Address, Telephone, account number, create a composite record like this:

    Jayesh Katariya:11234 Asteroid Way, Pluto: 888-212-2353:234987345A

    You can then retrieve all the data with one efficient call to the VTS. Use strtok to break the composite record into individual parameters. Using this method is fast and makes very efficient use of the VTS. This can support as many projects as needed.