Importing actions in gui

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I have a query regarding importing actions for gui scripts. I am using one login and log out action for all the scripts, i.e., i am importing the actions(say login and logout) from single script . however i realised , when i am modifying the main script/action(from which the login or logout is imported); the changes are not reflecting in the scripts in which i have imported that action.

can someone please suggest a better way?

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  • Hi Vishansh, 

    I have witnessed many mismatch errors with TruClient protocol, for example copy/paste steps on the same script and the impossibility to modify one of them - that's because the object's pointing is unique. 

    I suggest you to make a copy of the script and manage that with the modifies, without importing. 

    Let me know if this suggestion can help with the issue, 


  • Hi Lorenzo,

    Sorry for the missing information in my question: but i am asking about sap gui protocol. loadrunner 12.50 and 12.60


  • I never use that protocol, so I suggest again the same procedure: create a new script based on the old bytecode and make your modify on it. 

    Let me know!


  • Lorenzo, is referring to TruClient protocol; and he is right. But when your SAP UI protocol is just generated C-code you might copy sources. In house we did this for a GWT based protocol. In fact we created 'template' script that performs only the logon/logoff and contains a number of general libraries (header files). This is maintained separatly and when we make modifications, we copy all those changes to the real business logic scripts.

    For new recordings we put the logon/logoff in separate steps do the correlation (use standard parameters) and replace logon/logoff with the template code.

    But in the end it comes down to how easy is it to separate sections in your business flow.