Loadrunner not opening scripts from a shared folder

Hello Guys,

I have this funny situation with me:
I have serveral remote machines to work on all in the same network (let's say two of them are A and B).
I have multiple scripts in the local folder in remote machine A (hard disk) and i want to work on two remote machines in parallel (A and B) (as i have some temporary performance issue while checking in and out the scripts from ALM).

So I shared the files from remote machine A and logged in to remote machine B and went to the shared folder in remote machine A (through B) and opened a script. It is showing error: script can not be loaded .
However if i am copying the script from the shared folder to the local (machine B), i am able to open it.
It is not an issue: but i am very curious to know why this error happened because therotically it is the same as scripts are saved in the local (i have enabled both read and write access to the folder).
Will be thankful if someone can comment on it.


  • Hello Vishal, 

    thanks a lot for share your doubts with us, 

    Regarding that, 

    Could you please let us know the following information:

    * Version of LoadRunner that you are using.

    * Version of Windows that you are using.

    * Are both machines (A and B) using the same windows version?

    * Is the user administrator in both machines? 

    Waiting for your response,