Truclient native mobile

I am new to mobile testing.

I want to use Truclient mobile testing for testing native mobile application. I installed the mobile center .
I went to Loadrunner (12.50) >new test script(truclient native mobile) and entered the details :
server port : https://*******net:8443
and credentials (please refer the attachment):
However i am getting the error as invalid ip confiuration.
Can someone help me out with step by step process?



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  • Thanks Tatiana,

    I configured mobile center and was able to add my mobile as a device (samsung galaxy s7). 
    and I am aware of scipting with truclient.

    My only doubt is : how to connect the mobile center to this truclient browser,i.e., 
    what to enter in : 
    1. server url: port.
    2.user id and pass: do i need to enter the and the pass?

    i tried adding : https://********************net:8443 and my mobile center credentials , but it is showing invalid ip configuration.
    Can you please help me out here?

    Best Regards