Determining object for text check in Tru client protocol

Hello all,

I am new to Tru client protocol so need some help from experts.

In Tru client protocol i am using wait for object as text check .But few objects are loading faster and few are loading slower, so in that case what is the best practice to choose object for text check.

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Vivek8, 

    "Wait for Object" step pauses the script until a specified object is loaded before continuing to
    the next step, instead "Verify" step controls if an object or a string exists on the application's page HTML. 

    Don't worry about the time spent: you can insert how many "Wait for Object" steps where you want, this will consolidated your recorded script. 

    Remember to replay the script also in VuGen mode ("silent modality"): this type of execution is the same that will be executed from Controller. Sometimes, due various issues, replay in Develop mode ("interactive modality") finishes well but the execution in silent modality presents some errors. 


  • Hi Lorenzo.

    Agreed with you .

    But 1 quick check if we are applying verify for object step which object will be correct choice to select ?? Because on web page few things will load fast  and few will load slow. So in order to calculate proper response time we need to select proper object in the script.


  • I suggest you to insert a "Wait for Object" step for every object you retain important after the page web is loaded: time of objects's loading is insignificant at registration phase. If you know that a particular element of the HMTL page looses time, the run by Controller tell you HOW MUCH is slow with a certain Vusers load.