Micorosft outlook using LoadRunner

Is it possible to record and script MS outlook using LoadRunner. If so which protocol could be suggested?

  • Hi

    1) please select protocol "Web - Http/Html"   

    2) Before recording , please open Recording Options and select this checkbox :

    General -> Script -> "Use protected application recording" 

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  • Hi,

    If you are using Outlook on your desktop i would recommend RDP or Citrix protocol, depending on your environment.

    If you use Outlook from Office 365 then you can use TruClient protocol.

    I would not use web protocol as you may have values in http requests that you don't know to correlate.

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  • Hello ,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am using outlook on desktop. Process involves launching the outlook app and click on one the ribbon on top.

    question on scripting approach. Could you please help me?

    1)In order for outlook to launch, should i need to user to configure to do login and logout of outlook every time? How many users we can simulate on one machine

    Which protocol makes script recordable for outlook app?

  • Hello

    1) By the book  you should make the login on the vuser_init action and logoff on the vuser_end action and the all outlook operation at the Action itself ,

    On that way the init & end runs only once and the action runs few times (depend on iteration )

    2) If you are using RDP / Citrix for outlook desktop you can run till 50 Vuser per machine .

    (Because this protocol use image processing it's take lots of resources from the LG ).

    You can try also the Web protocols which runs thousand vuser per machine but as mention before , you can encounter some corellation issue that need to resolved 



  • Hello Experts,

    Please advise here.

    I am sceanrio, where i need to launch outlook and click on Ribbon on top. Once i click on Ribbon on top, it goes and communicate with open text server to get some informationa and then display.

    Is loadrunner suitable for this operation?

  • Hello

    I"m not familiar with 'open text server' but please try to record with VuGen and see if you got the correct
    network traffic