1 user vs Multiple test user account

Hello all,

This might be easy question. But i always get confuse when explaining someone on running the script 1 vs with 100 test account in controller as part of laod test.

 If i have sceanrio to run with 100 users and our admin team is not helping to create 100 test accounts, can i just add 1 or 2 users in the scripts and add 100 users in controller and run the test? 

What would be the downsize/dis advantage of it?

  • Hi Snps, 

    of course you can run the scenario as you told, but can be some problems from performance point of view: using less "real" data input is not a realistic situation and the re-use of the same subjects can comport the usage of some caching algorythm facilitating memory's work. If the application team can't provide you more accounts, I suggest you to run the test with the available input, but you have to inform them of the situation: this scenario comport some performance issues; more data you have available, more realistic the test will be. 

    Let me know if you have undestrand well the question, 


  • The answer depends highly on your application. An application architect should be able to help you out with this. In fact it should be one of the requirements that should be specified with a performance test.

    Sometimes users share data in an application tier, usage statistics are collected per user or due to application licensing policies users are not allowed to run all/some processes multiple times. This can all be impacting your test results.

    I assume that you execute your project on behalf of stakeholders (dev team, release manager, etc). So use your stakeholders to force other parts of the organization to cooperate i.s.o. being restrictive.


    You can also give your admins a script to create a bunch of users for them...