A way to see TruClient Web users at runtime? ...

I know that I can use "-LR_citrix_vuser_view" to view a Citrix vuser at runtime.

Is there an equivalent for a TruClient Web user? I'd like to add a single TCWeb vuser to a group with an option to be able to watch it at runtime to see what's happening.

But I'd prefer to use a switch in the Controller scenario like above, don't really want to edit the entire script like this:

Turning on Run-time viewer in load mode –
1) Open the script directory
2) Edit ‘default.cfg’ file
3) Add this line to the file – PaintWindowsInLoad=1

  • Hello Chris, 

    There is a function on TruClient protocol which indicates which vuser is handling a specific script.

    This is the function:


  • Verified Answer


    In case the Load Generator agent runs as a process you can add this command line argument to the group in Controller: 

    -paint_window_in_load 1 and you will see the browser in the Load Generator

    In case the Load Generator agent runs as a service you should turn on Interactive Services Detection service in the Load Generator machine. This windows service will prompt a dialog that allows interacting with the desktop under which the browsers are running.

    Note: the reason for which the browsers are not visible on the user's desktop during run is in order to prevent accedintal clicks which might damage the run. It is recommended to turn on this option only for debugging.