Vusers going to failed state suddenly in controller 12.53


I am running 1200 users test. after 28 min from ramp up users are suddenly going to failed state everytime.

I tried continue on error in run time settings still i am facing the same issue. Then i thought it is not picking from RTS so i added lr_continue on error() but still no luck. I check Hardware utilization but that is normal and below 50%

Earlier users where running fine with 1000 users. the only change i did in controller(No script level changes done), is increased user distrubtion for 1200 users test.


I check output window but theres no particular error message. "vuser done: failed x iteration attempted , x-1 succeeded".

I tried checking logs but there is nothing. I am using load runner 12.53. is there any patch which needs to be updated? please help

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