Unable to open run time settings in Loadrunner 12.55


I have Loadrunner 12.55 installed on my machine (in my org) in which I am unable to open run time settings. When I click on the same, I get a popup saying 'Need Internet Explorer 10 or higher to open run time settings'. I have Internet Explorer 11 (version - 11.0.9600.18920) already installed on my machine and it still throws me this error. Any workaround for this?



  • Hello Sudheesh,

    When opening the Runtime Settings, in VuGen, we check your installed IE version, in the registry. 
    Specifically, we are checking that the 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Version Vector\IE' key has a value that is equal or greater than 9. 

    Reinstalling the IE will probably solve the problem.