Replay error - Exception of type: System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException. Source: System.Data.SQLite. Oc


I recently downloaded a trial version of LR and recorded a basic script to open google . Whenever, I replay the script, there is an error dialog box which has a description "Exception of type: System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException. Source: System.Data.SQLite. Occured in Void Open(System.String, System.String, System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteConnectionFlags, System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteOpenFlagsEnum, Int32, Boolean) method
Exception message is: unable to open database file"

Could someone please advise a fix for this?




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  • Hi Yulia ,

    I tried to a new script and whenever I replay the script , it fails with
    the mentioned error and I am no longer able to reload/reuse the script.

    I couldn't find any SDF extension file in the script folder


  • If it helps , I created another script and the following is the error displayed after replay

       at System.Data.SQLite.SQLite3.Open(String strFilename, String vfsName, SQLiteConnectionFlags connectionFlags, SQLiteOpenFlagsEnum openFlags, Int32 maxPoolSize, Boolean usePool)
       at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteConnection.Open()
       at HP.LR.VuGen.ReplaySummary.TransactionBreakdown.BreakdownSQLiteDataProvider.ReadData(String fileName) in e:\LT\LT-CORE\win32_release\12.60.971.0\app\VuGen\BackEnd\Current\Record and Replay\ReplaySummary\TransactionBreakdown\BreakdownSQLiteDataProvider.cs:line 42
       at HP.LR.VuGen.ReplaySummary.ReplaySummaryReport.GetDataProvider() in e:\LT\LT-CORE\win32_release\12.60.971.0\app\VuGen\BackEnd\Current\Record and Replay\ReplaySummary\ReplaySummaryReport.cs:line 583
       at HP.LR.VuGen.ReplaySummary.ReplaySummaryReport.OnDebugStopped(Object sender, EventArgs e) in e:\LT\LT-CORE\win32_release\12.60.971.0\app\VuGen\BackEnd\Current\Record and Replay\ReplaySummary\ReplaySummaryReport.cs:line 384
       at System.EventHandler.Invoke(Object sender, EventArgs e)
       at HP.Utt.Debugger.UttDebuggerService.CallDebugStopped(Object sender, EventArgs e) in e:\LT\UTT\win32_release\14.0.2793.0\src\Infra\app\UttDebugger\UttDebuggerService.cs:line 352
       at HP.Utt.Debugger.UttDebuggerImp.CallDebugStopped(EventArgs e) in e:\LT\UTT\win32_release\14.0.2793.0\src\Infra\app\UttDebugger\UttDebuggerImp.cs:line 624
       at HP.Utt.Debugger.UttDebugger.CallDebugStopped(EventArgs e) in e:\LT\UTT\win32_release\14.0.2793.0\src\Infra\app\UttDebugger\UttDebugger.cs:line 405
       at HP.Utt.Debugger.UttDebuggerImp.<>c__DisplayClass46_0.b__0() in e:\LT\UTT\win32_release\14.0.2793.0\src\Infra\app\UttDebugger\UttDebuggerImp.cs:line 616
       at ICSharpCode.SharpDevelop.Gui.WorkbenchSingleton.SafeThreadCall(Action method)
       at HP.Utt.Debugger.UttDebuggerImp.InvokeDebugStopped(EventArgs e) in e:\LT\UTT\win32_release\14.0.2793.0\src\Infra\app\UttDebugger\UttDebuggerImp.cs:line 614
       at HP.Utt.Debugger.UttDebuggerImp.CallStateChangedEvent(UttDebuggerDomainStateChangedEventArgs eventArgs) in e:\LT\UTT\win32_release\14.0.2793.0\src\Infra\app\UttDebugger\UttDebuggerImp.cs:line 580
  • Could you try to show script instead of replay summary?

    You can do so by selecting:

    Tools -> Options -> Scripting tab -> Replay -> after replay: After replay show: Script

    Please let me know if it helps.

    Thanks, Yulia.

  • Hi Yulia , Actually I was trying other options and managed to not have this error by unchecking Collect Replay Statistics. However, wanted to find out if there is any way to do it instead of unchecking the collect replay statistics.

  • Hi Surya,

    Could you please send the full log?

    Are you using WebHttpHtml protocol?

    Is the exception happening at the start of the replay or after a few steps?

    Could you please add the exact steps you record including the website and the browser you are using?

    Thanks, Yulia.