Oracle NCA, Loadrunner 12.53 guimem.cpp error Debug View

I am doing some troubleshooting for the Loadrunner. I was running DebugView and I came across an error message that showed up a few hundred times in DebugView.

NCA: ASSERT: "__thiscall CGuiMemItem::~CGuiMemItem(void)" at ..\src\guimem.cpp(101). Text: "!" Wrong logic.Hierarchy must be changed""

I searched both the Load Generator machine and the Loadrunner machine, but I could not find any guimem.cpp or even a src folder that had anything similar.

If anyone has seen this before, and knows how to fix it, I would extremely appreciate it.



  • Hello


    The mentioned message, as well as the fact it is delivered into DebugView utility, but not directly into LR’s log file, means that it exists for internal LR’s developer purposes.

    So simple you can ignore the message, and for troubleshooting purposes I suggest to use LR’s advanced logging (can be enable at RTS)


    Thanks, Dmitry