Oracle NCA Active Timer holding up script


I am using VuGen 12.53 with Oracle NCA/Web HTTP protocols. The script I am using can successfully do a lot of Oracle steps, but when I try and go to this specific spot, it gets stuck. The Oracle software I am testing has a bunch of different "screens", and all of them work except for this one. I am doing a basic nca_button_press step but it is throwing these messages:
Action.c(28): Checking for active timers...
Action.c(28): An active timer is found - delaying the step.

The script never says that it is attempting the "nca_button_press" step, it just notifies me of the timer and it delays the step. I was able to do anything in this specific script, as long as it was not related to this "Screen". I even tried a brand new script and it will work for other areas, just not this one.

I was wondering if anyone else has encountered a problem similar to this. Any help or further troubleshooting steps would be great!

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