LR 12.53 large amount of WriteFile (MDRV Process Termination Related)

I am running LR 12.53. I am running into a problem where LR will throw an MDRV - Abnormal Termination error. I find that it drops 50 users at a time, which is the max a thread is holding.

I am using Process Monitor (Windows 7) on the Load Generator, not the Controller, and I am finding that mmdrv.exe is running the WriteFile Operation a few hundred times. All of these are pointing towards the same file. Right after this happens, I see 50 messages popup in Process Monitor that say "Thread Exit".

I am wondering if there is any correlation here? The path of the file that it is creating is C:\users\myuser\AppData\Local\Temp\LR_mmdrv_some numbers.

I am unable to decode the .dmp file, mainly because I am not sure how to without downloading software.

Any other information I can provide I will. Thanks.

  • Hi, 


    this is rodney from suport team, seems like the issue is complex enough to work  it here, please open a support ticket.

    please provide the following in the ticket:

    script folder, 

    result folder

    LR_mmdrv_#### file wichi is the dump file for mmdrv crashes. 


    when does this happens, after some hours of testing or at the begining?


    is is happening for all the protocols? 


    what happen if you run less vusers? 


    please make sure to add the awnser of those questions into the ticket as well.


    all best!