Abnormal Termination: mdrv process termination LR 12.02

I am receiving 2 types of errors. The first being that Loadrunner is having problems pressing buttons. It seems that 90% of the vusers I run fail at a step where they have to press a button. I have tried a fresh install of Loadrunner and re-recording the script, but neither of those work.


My second error is probably caused from the first error. I am seeing users being dropped off of a load generator with an error of mdrv process termination. I have run out of ideas to troubleshoot this, and any help would be appreciated.

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  • Hello,

    Sorry for replying kind of late, I was busy with other things. I have the PML file and a list of times that the mdrv error occured. The error is saying that the remote host's status is 'Failed'. this error happens the same time about 50 users drop out with the mdrv error.



    I cannot upload the file here, because it only accept picture formats.