Webservice protocol WS Security configuration

Hi All,

I have Soap Request to be monitored in Vugen. The Soap request requires WS Security configuration(Outgoing WS-Security configuration) which we configured in SOAP UI and used that in Authentication as well.


Attached the screenshot. After configuring this the request gave a SUCCESS response in SOAP UI.

Tried the same thing in Vugen using the web_service_set_security function but getting authentication error. Kindly suggest on this.




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  • This is one of the working examples I have.

    Copy it to your script, and then use Show Argument in the context menu to understand those fields.

    web_service_set_security( SECURITY_TOKEN, "Type=USERNAME","LogicalName=UsernameToken1", "UserName=myuser", lr_unmask("5fdaf5084d077cdc2b3e009d5ab6fff4ce308a"), "PasswordOptions=SendPlainText", "IsNonceIncluded=True", "TimestampFormat=None", "Add=True", WS_ADDRESSING, "Version=None", TIME_STAMP, "Exclude=True", LAST);

    Of course, you might need to change the values for some, at least username and password.