LR 12.53 Patch 3 - TruClient IE - Integrated Windows Authentication Reset


Since the installation of the Patch 3 of VuGen 12.53, I'm facing a curious behavior of my TruClient Web scripts using IE as browser.

In short, the setting for Windows authentication (aka registry key "EnableNegotiate") is being reset to 0 each time a script is executed (either by VuGen or BPM) or opened with the "Develop script" button!

The issue is very simple to reproduce:

  1. Open Windows Registry
  2. Go to HKCU\Software\Hewlett-Packard\TruClient\TruClientIE\TCWindows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings and set "EnableNegotiate" to 1 (or you can use TruClientSupportabilityTool and activate the integrated windows authentication).
  3. Open VuGen and create a new TruClient Web script.
  4. At this time, the setting didn't change (keep a registry window opened to easily check the value).
  5. Select Internet Explorer and click on "Develop Script".
  6. Check the setting, it has been reset to 0!

Consequently, all the scripts using SSO now fail...

Sadly, the issue still occurs with patch 4.

After some search, I think it's the gulty is "TcWebIEInternetProtocols.dll", but I'll let the HPE experts check this ;)